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With more than 50 years combined experience, Greenlink Companies has developed partnerships with thousands of businesses nationwide. We provide comprehensive and cutting edge technology to help you run your business both securely and efficiently. Greenlink Companies was built from the ground up, just like yours, through hard work and a “Think Outside the Box” approach to all things. Our commitment is to bring you the BEST every day; the best products, the best customer service, and the best value. Together, we will maximize your technology , improve your processes tand implement solutions for the future which will give you the upper hand in the industry.
EMV Solutions

Finally! A Pay Anywhere EMV smart termi-nal that integrates with YOUR Point of Sale. Reduce your credit card fees, mini-mize your exposure to chargebacks and mitigate your PCI liability with our sleek, multi-function EMV Program.

Managed Services

Securing your network is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a restaurant operator. Our unique PCI Com-pliance Program gives you the tools you need to get compliant and stay compliant.

24/7 IT Services

Our clients work 24/7 and so do we. Whether you are a small business or multi-unit group, our experienced IT technicians specialize in providing a full suite of IT solutions that meet your needs, resolve your issues, and fit your budget.

Point of Sale

Your POS system is often referred to as the “heartbeat” of your restaurant; Track-ing every order, every dollar, every clock in, and more. Choosing the right point of sale system and service provider is one of the most important decisions you will make for the success of your restaurant.

Payment Solutions

Accepting Credit Cards is more than just a swipe. In today’s world, ensuring you have the right technology and the right merchant services partner is more important than ever. Greenlink proudly offers a variety of cutting edge, EMV Certified and PCI Compliant Payment Solu-

Data & Analytics

Managing the POS database for multiple stores can be complex and without the proper training and tools, it’s nearly im-possible. Greenlink will work with you to implement and administer a comprehen-sive database management program to custom fit your needs.

Payroll HR Benefits

Our award winning cloud-based payroll solution makes processing your payroll easier than ever before. With Greenlink, you have time tracking, human resources and benefits enrollment all within one source. No more duplicate entry, or ex-porting and importing between disparate applications.

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